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  • What is a pod?
    Pods or cans contain a number of pre-portioned white pouches containing food grade fillers, water, salt and flavourings in various strengths to suit the consumers individual needs.
  • Are pouches new?
    Pouches are quite new to the Southern Hemisphere and have seen a huge rise in popularity Scandinavia, across Europe, the United States and Canadadue to the easy of use and discretion.
  • How do pouches work?
    Pouches deliver the contents directly to your gums to comfortable rest under your lip, in a discrete and effective way to provide an immediate energy kick. The pouches help consumers kick habits, establish consistent patterns and are perfect for on-the-go in an economical and easy to consume method.
  • I'm a beginner, what should I know?
    Gently tuck a new pouch directly onto your gums under your lip in your preferred and comfortable position. If you are using pouches for the first time, you may feel a slight tingling sensation. This is normal, as your body is not used to consuming the pouch contents in this method. For beginners, this requires a short adjustment period, usually a few uses. To alleviate this, we advise you to change the position of your pouch under your lip and stay hydrated with water. Always try begin with a lowest strength pouch before attempting to gradually increase to higher strengths.

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